Easy handling of the WPC decking boards

The MYDECK Premium decking boards are similar to hardwood boards to process due to their solid shape. Thanks to a side groove, the Premium WPC boards are easy to lay without screws.

MYDECK Premium decking boards are no problem to lay for wood-working craftsman and do-it-yourselfers. It is very similar to laying hardwood boards. Due to the special properties of the Premium WPC solid boards, the handling is actually even easier.

Verlegung WPC Außendielen MYDECK, Zuschnitt der Dielen bei Verlegung mit Führungsschiene

The solidly manufactured boards can be cut to size like hardwood boards.

Verlegung WPC Dielen, Verschraubung Clip mit WPC Unterkonstruktion

The clip to enable a screw-free deck is screwed into the substructure – and the decking boards are gently pushed in using manual pressure

Compact laying instructions + collection overview

You will find all information here bundled together to DOWNLOAD.

No warping like with hardwood

Premium boards do not warp like original decking boards made of wood, and that brings numerous advantages. This makes creating a terrace, pool surround, public area, etc, even easier than when using wooden boards.

Can be processed like conventuinal wood

You don’t need any special tools to process the premium decking boards, and they can be sawed and screwed like hardwood. For most craftsmen, installation is similar to laying a wooden terrace. However, it may require them to change their usual practices in certain areas. Please note our detailed laying instructions.

Substructure + fixation by means of visible or hidden screws

One difference to when laying familiar wooden boards is the distance of the substructure.
Please observe a centre-to-centre distance for the substructure of max. 40 cm [350 kg/sqm max. load per square metre].

Depending on requirements, the MYDECK WPC Construct substructure, steel/aluminium, and pressure-impregnated wood can be used for the substructure. The variant you choose depends on your requirements for the substructure. You, of course, only take advantage of the full longevity of the MYDECK Premium decking boards with the MYDECK WPC Construct substructure and a steel/aluminium substructure.

WPC Unterkonstruktion und WPC Dielen bei der Verlegung einer schraubenfreien WPC Terrasse

Easy installation of the picture-perfect and easy-care WPC terrace: using manual pressure, push the decking boards into the clips screwed onto the WPC substructure.


The decking boards are easy to handle thanks to clips

For fixing, we recommend the original MYDECK mounting screws or MYDECK clips, which optimally complement the high quality of the WPC boards.

The WPC decking boards have a groove. A simple clip system allows you to lay a clean surface without screws. The clip has the additional advantage over screwing from above that it allows for uniform spacing of the decking [gently slide boards into the spacer clip by applying manual pressure].

Verlegung WPC Terrassendielen MYDECK

At blunt joints, we recommend doubling up the substructure


For a permanently beautifully laid outer surface

For instructions on how to use MYDECK WPC Premium decking boards and how to install your deck, please refer to the installation instructions. Here, you will also find information about laying, the gradient your terrace needs to have, the fixing method, and the substructure, which, of course, depends on the substrate.

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