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MYDECK has been a by-word for premium WPC decking boards for almost 20 years. Many thanks for the awards bestowed on our designer boards, as well as the positive customer feedback.

Mehrfarbiger Terrassenbelag aus Premium WPC in Farben die von Tropenholzdielen inspiriert sind.

Design Patent | German Patent & Trademark Office | No. 402018203933.0001

5 stars for MYDECK

We are pleased about the many very good customer reviews about MYDECK boards. Collected on the independent portal of Trusted Shop, you can view numerous collected experiences about MYDECK Premium WPC boards from private customers, architects and craftsmen.


Neue Landschaft | Garden, Landscape, Play and Sports Construction Trade Journal, April 2022

“Sustainable and weather-resistant decking while maintaining a focus on design.”

Kronberger Bote, April 2022

“Sustainably beautiful floorboards”

Heinze Construction Portal, March 2022

“In addition to their beautiful appearance, the splinter-free solid boards stand out for their feel and durability.”

Feel Good No. 29, 2020

“Sustainable design for terrace and pool surround.”

A la carte, Special Mallorca, June 2019

“They [Eberhard Horn Design Group] created their own collection, which ensures a natural feel and warmth. The highest standards of quality and environmental protection were also taken into account.”, March 2017

“The stone-grey decking boards by Mydeck are 18 cm wide. They are made from a durable wood-plastic composite (WPC) and do not require sanding or impregnation.”

BiGaLaBau, September 2016

“The designer decking boards from the manufacturer Mydeck made of wood composite material are pollutant-free, resistant and easy to clean.”

Münchner Merkur, 28th/29thMay 2016

“Pollutant-free, environmentally friendly designer boards can handle pretty much anything.”

Deutsches Architektenblatt, May 2016

“No splintering or weathering”

Atrium, July/August 2015

“At our feet: hollow-boards with Plexiglas – weather-resistant, robust, easy to care for.”

GaLa-Bau Procurement Services, issue 3/2015

“In order to find the optimal material for the new areas to be covered [Playmobil Fun Park], various materials from different manufacturers were laid in advance on a test area. The winner was the wood composite flooring from MYDECK…”

Bi GaLa-Bau, March 2015

“Not only are they [MYDECK boards] suitable for terraces, but also for sophisticated path designs, pool surrounds and squares, in private, commercial and public areas.”

Detail, issue 9/2014

“They [MYDECK designer boards] are the ideal alternative to tropical wood, yet more resistant and made entirely of recycled industrial wood and virgin polyethylene.”


Kommunal direkt, issue 3/July-August 2014

“The boards are easy to lay, do not require extensive care or impregnation and are extremely durable.”

Stadt + Grün, issue 5/May 2014

“Because they [the boards] do not splinter or split, are non-slip and barefoot-friendly, they are ideal for use by children playing.”

Casa Deco, May/June 2013

“A treat for your feet […] They [the boards] do not need to be impregnated or sanded and do not splinter. This makes delicate feet happy.”

Spa & Home, January/February 2012

“The wood-composite designer boards are an ideal alternative to hardwood boards”

Sport, Bäder, Freizeit Bauten, 2/2011 June

“Design floorboards of the new generation”

Stylepark, June 2010

“Indestructible, ecologically beautiful”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 22.09.2009

“The only thing they do not resist is fire […] The material is resistant to salt water without the need for any impregnation or any other treatment and is weather-resistant in any climate. It offers homeowners, for example, the beautiful appearance of the natural product for their terraces, which has emerged from a technical process… “

Atrium Garten, special edition issue 29

“Step on in. The big stars of this summer… Innovation and ecology…”

Detail 1/2 2006

“…The resilient composite is thus…particularly suitable for outdoor facilities that undergo a lot of use, such as terraces and outdoor swimming pool areas…”

Pressefeedback WPC Dielen MYDECK

The design of the Premium decking boards gives a lot of freedom to the creativity of the planner, craftsman and private customer


Feedback from planners, processors and retailers

We are delighted by our numerous picture-perfect testimonial projects and satisfied customers

Nedjeljko Grezina [Grezina Open Space Design /]

Why we open space designers like to fall back on MYDECK: MYDECK designer boards are an excellent alternative to the natural wood product, for sundecks, roof terraces and pool coverings. We have seen the advantages MYDECK offers compared to other WPC products through our many years of experience in this field. The MYDECK decking boards are not hollow-chamber profiles. In our opinion, MYDECK is the ultimate in WPC boards.

Marc Jacobs [Jacobs Planning Company /]

When it comes to wooden terraces, there are always a variety of problems, especially with modern-day and strong warping. With the boards by MYDECK, this is not a problem if they are laid correctly. I am absolutely convinced of the quality as well as the design of the boards.

Michael Scholz [Niedermaier Gardens and Open Spaces /]

The MYDECK boards can be processed very well and simply impress everyone thanks to their appearance and material quality.

Stefan Linß [TecDeck /]

For me as a layer, the MYDECK boards are the most beautiful and highest-quality WPC planks on the market. Due to their solid yet elegant shape, they are also very easy to work with and remain enduringly beautiful. What could be better! …What more could you want..!

Mr Aust [Badmodul Solutions GmbH /]

MYDECK WPC are high quality – very beautiful – easy to lay, and they offer expert advice: a great service. Simply fantastic.

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