Innovative colour technology

Natural looking effect of the design boards

Our innovative colour technology ensures slightly iridescent shades, which provide a natural looking effect. The colours macao and sienna stand out for their mottled colour effect. The boston colours are characterised by an iridescent colour texture, which ensures a high-quality, natural look. With its collection of decking boards in the colours bali and palma, MYDECK offers a colour concept that is one-of-a-kind worldwide. Inspired by the multicoloured quality of a terrace using tropical wood, the collection consists of decking boards in different colours, which are mixed together only when laid.

Award-winning multi-coloured colour concept for the terrace

With the terrace decking collection in the colours bali and palma, MYDECK offers a colour concept that is unique in the world. Inspired by the multi-colours of a terrace with tropical wood, the collection consists of terrace boards in different colours that are only mixed together during installation. Of course, MYDECK pboards do not contain any tropical wood. Wood from sustainable forestry is used.

WPC Farbentwicklung: Hellbraune WPC Dielen von MYDECK vor und nach Bewitterung (Detailansicht Dielen).

Colour development in the Premium WPC planks: The planks of the COLOURS collection in light sand tones, before and after weathering. The colour development is more evident in the palma and boston colours than in the others [left before weathering, right after weathering].

Your terrace remains picture-perfect

The colours contained in the WPC decking boards are UV resistant. Since the designer boards are made of a natural material with a high wood content, the colour of the boards will still develop due to UV radiation. The strongest colour deviation occurs during the acclimatisation period in the first weeks. The natural, yellowish content of spruce, Douglas fir and pine decreases during this process, and the desired hue of the colour emerges. This colour deviation is especially evident with the cooler shade boston. This acquires an attractive silver-grey colouring.  Due to the light shades, the initial colour development up until the desired permanent colour is reached is also more evident with ‘COLOURS palma’ than with our other collections.

So verändern sich die Premium WPC Dielen - Graue MYDECK Dielen nach Bewitterung und vor Bewitterung.

Beautiful stone-grey – the premium boards must first be weathered thoroughly to reveal the desired, long-lasting colour. In this weathering process, the yellowish portion of the wood reduces and the desired long-lasting stone-grey hue of the boston colour comes to the fore (right). This is more evident in the grey, cool shade of boston than in the warm, darker colours, as these usually have a higher yellow content in the colour mixture/colour concept. [Left before weathering]

Note on laying a well-balanced colour appearance

The use of natural products can lead to slight differences in brushing and colour nuances between the individual batches due to production. In larger construction projects, you mix the different packages with each other when installing the boards in order to obtain a varied and balanced version of the same colour.

The COLOURS collection in the shade Bali consists of three different coloured boards [these, in turn, are in and of themselves slightly iridescent, or delicately mottled]. For a lively, varied look, the boards should be mixed in an irregular pattern on the terrace. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help.

Farbveränderung bei WPC Dielen im Vergleich: Nach Bewitterung, neu und nicht gereinigt

Colour change of MYDECK WPC boards in palma colour: unweathered – middle | weathered – top | weathered freshly cleaned – bottom

How long does the colour adjustment process take?

Depending on the weather conditions, this setting time can vary. You certainly know this process from pure wood. If you put a piece of untreated wood outside, the colour tone of the wood recedes and the wood fades. For this to happen, it must be exposed to sun and rain. To protect it from wind and weather and to preserve the colours, the conventional wood would have to be impregnated.

No more need to refresh the colours with MYDECK Premium WPC boards

The wood in MYDECK Premium WPC boards is protectively encased in polyethylene and no longer needs to be sanded, impregnated or painted. If the colour of the containing wood recedes, the long-term durable colours come more to the fore [especially evident with the boston and palma]. To speed up the process you can simply hose the deck down with water, then brush in the direction of the grain with a scrubbing brush and remove excess water with a water scraper [as described in our care instructions]. Refreshing the colours is no longer necessary on a deck with MYDECK Premium boards.

How warm do the Premium WPC boards get?

Our Premium WPC decking boards are ideal for barefoot use. Also because of their splinter-free properties, our planks are very popular for pool surrounds and on sunbathing areas of swimming pools. Like pure wood boards, our boards radiate a natural warmth due to the wood content of approx. 60%, which is very pleasant for barefoot use, especially on moderately warm days and warm summer nights [not as cold as e.g. a stone floor].

On very hot days, when the terrace may be permanently exposed to the sun, the same applies to our floorboards as to all other surfaces: Dark colours heat up more than light colours. This means that on very hot days with direct sun, light colours are much more pleasant for barefoot use than dark colours, which can heat up much more. Since the feeling of warmth and the needs on the terrace are very individual, we will gladly send you samples so that you can see for yourself which colour is ideal for you. We would also be happy to advise you individually on this.

WPC Terrassendielen massiv in verschiedenen Farben

Some of the different colours of MYDECK Premium WPC decking boards – you can see all colours in our collection overview.

Warmth of MYDECK WPC boards: Reflectance of the boston colour comparable to medium brown wood.

The following applies to our Premium WPC decking boards: The special inorganic colour pigments in our Premium WPC boards reduce the absorption and storage of heat, which is significantly lower with MYDECK boards than with other wood composites. The grey colour boston, for example, has a reflectance of 29% according to NF EN 14500, which is comparable to medium brown wood.


A private terrace that can be viewed in any season – with the Premium outdoor boards from MYDECK


Note on the installation of a balanced colour appearance

Due to the use of natural products, there may be slight differences in brushing and colour nuances between the individual batches. For larger construction projects, therefore, mix the boards of the different packages with each other during installation to achieve a varied and at the same time balanced colour picture.

The COLOURS collection in the Bali colour and COLOURS grand in the Palma colour consist of three different coloured boards [these in turn are slightly iridescent or delicately mottled]. For a lively, varied look, the planks are to be mixed irregularly on the terrace. If you have any questions about the colours and the Premium WPC boards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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